About Us

This website is the creation of Kirsten Norman who has had a life-long affinity and empathy for the welfare of animals.

As it is with many things, decisions are often made based on the hand you have been dealt in life.This is the case here where medical uncertainties have forced  Kirsten to build a business around the things she loves most and that are unconstrained by normal business hours. Make no mistake, despite the odds and challenges she has faced Kirsten is a very determined person and will ensure that every animal who comes into her care will be treated with the utmost respect and will receive the very best of attention.

Kirsten has undergone formal training in general animal care and then more focussed training in dog management .She has completed the

New Zealand Certificate in Animal Management (Canine Behaviour and Training)

and will be backing this up with detailed advanced studies into managing  a canine business with  global mentoring from well established business owners. She will continue to be assisted by her very able friend NEO.

                                            NEO – One very Cool Dog